Unified Concept Search Across the Enterprise

The Fastest, Most Efficient Way to Find Documents

Corporations and law firms that manage data across multiple repositories in disparate locations struggle to provide users with any real ability to quickly find the internal information they need to work efficiently.  Law firms in particular struggle to find the key projects and internal experts with knowledge of prior work product.

Decisiv Search combines sophisticated enterprise search technology with a simple and intuitive user interface helping users quickly and easily find the information they need. Decisiv securely accesses and indexes information from a wide array of sources, including document management systems, intranets, email archives, contact management databases and websites, providing a comprehensive view into an organization’s tacit knowledge.


  • Returns incredibly accurate search results by leveraging conceptual analysis
  • Search across billions of records in seconds with a highly scalable architecture
  • A single search can run queries across dozens of repositories
  • Connects seamlessly with eDocs and other popular applications


Stikeman Elliott's Innovative Implementation

Stikeman Elliott's implementation of Decisiv Search saw the platform tested for its flexibility and scale. The result was a tool that is now used by nearly everyone in all of Stikeman Elliott's eight offices, reducing the need to search multiple systems and dramatically improving efficiency. 



Download the Case Study: Stikeman Elliott

The premier law firm needed a search solution that would deliver strategic value to its 450 lawyers and beyond. Decisiv Search provided a flexible, highly scalable platform that has enabled Stikeman Elliott lawyers to search for vital information faster, easier and more precisely. Read how in our case study.